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It’s not really naming and shaming, it’s more about why it’s not a good idea.

Not supported? Not interested!

Not supported? Not interested!

Nothing in this life irks me more than the sheer volume of tripe I get in my inbox every day. So much so in fact, the only New Year resolution I made in 2018 was to actively unsubscribe to all of the stuff that I no longer want to know about (whether I signed up to... Beef Beef

<moan> Today is more of a personal gripe, about a tool that I use regularly to do the job I do (that's testing stuff to make sure it's not broken, in case you'd not twigged). A lot of the URLs I need to visit are...

Chunky Monkey – Data Entry

Chunky Monkey – Data Entry

It seems to me there is an ongoing plethera of mess ups when it comes to data entry. Especially when it comes to copy typing stuff... you know, like when you have something you need to copy from a bit of paper into lets say an online input. Today's rant covers just...

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