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the web is dark
and full of horrors

Got a website, A/B test or App that isn’t doing as well as it should? You’re not the only one.

We find the problems that nobody else has seen or looked for and offer solutions to fix them.

What we do

It’s not rocket science. It’s a fresh set of eyes to help you see the wood from the trees.


UX Research

Understanding your users needs and motivation using advanced quantitative and qualitative feedback methods


Establishing how well a product works across multiple devices, resolutions and browsers


Discovering software and UX bugs that cause issues or even prevent users trying to engage with your product

Heuristic Analysis

Advanced heuristic analysis of websites and apps to establish problematic areas relating to usability

Consumer Behaviour

Understanding what motivates your audience to engage with your product

We don’t like to boast

But some numbers are worth talking about

Days of experience

pounds of lost revenue found

pounds of revenue generated

bugs discovered

working with us

We like to think we do a good job, but it’s always better when others think the same.
“I have always considered myself to be obsessed about products and the tiny interactions that can make a significant impact on use experience, but I cannot find as many problems or opportunities in a design, funnel or process as UU3 can. As such, they have been vital to improving the core UX and quality of all my AB testing and product delivery over the years”
Craig Sullivan

CEO , Optimal Visit

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Abi over the last couple of years through Endless Gain. The wealth of knowledge and experience that Abi, has brought to us at Hotter has been a key part of delivering transformative UX improvements online.

Abi allowed us to short cut finding many functionality issues, affordability issues and bugs that, had we not worked with one of the world’s leading experts, we would have either missed or taken years to discover. Abi patiently enlightened us to allow us to fully understand the rationale behind her feedback, to see how best to shape improvements based on the insights and drove up the standards and criteria by which we evaluate ourselves.

It’s also been an absolute pleasure working with Abi all of the time and I’m sure I will again.”

Rob Watson

Head of Ecommerce, Hotter

“Working side by side with Abi for 2 years I can tell why she is renowed for finding conversion killers on websites. She does that by thinking outside the box and pushing everything to its limit. Whether it’s a functionality bug, a UX issue or something no one else has spotted – she’ll find it. That is why for anyone who wants to have a well planned out website that converts I would strongly recommend working with Abi”

Rokas Domarkas

Senior UX Designer, Endless Gain

“Working with Abi was wonderful. I found her as someone with great expertise and deep understanding of web usability & functionality & conversion rate optimization. Her knowledge of the field is vast and extensive bringing years of experience from working with many large eCommerce companies . Whilst working with her at Endless Gain she really was the driving force for the account. Abi always came up with great ideas for testing onsite and was able to deliver on those plans despite deadline pressure. Working with Abi was an absolute pleasure and definitely deserving of a recommendation.”

Danny Short

CRO Executive, Studio Retail Ltd

“Abi’s help has been invaluable. As a developer working within Conversion Optimisation, her insights and processes helped me think beyond just coding. By showing me how to think outside of the box, I was able to deliver much more engaging and robust a/b test experiences”

Laurynas Grigutis

Javascript Engineer, TransferGO

Abi has worked with Bitek on a number of highly agile projects, including one of our flagship products, Bitek Guardian. It required a complete overhaul with regard to usability to make it easy for users to navigate through the system to find the information they need. Abi added a multitude of skills to the project – from wireframing, prototyping, visual design, front end build and final testing (cross device and browser). Abi provided an invaluable breadth of knowledge, skills and insight into the project which I have found useful time and time again. I highly recommended Abi, she is great fun to work with and really knows her field of expertise

Morgan Butler

Commercial Manager, Bitek International

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