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Nothing in this life irks me more than the sheer volume of tripe I get in my inbox every day. So much so in fact, the only New Year resolution I made in 2018 was to actively unsubscribe to all of the stuff that I no longer want to know about (whether I signed up to it, or not). It has taken a fair bit of effort I have to say, to hit all those unsubscribe links, confirm I want to unsubscribe to a mailing list and if I can be bothered, check a radio button as to the reason why I no longer want to receive an email from someone – it would be infininty more fun if there the reasons to choose from were brutally honest instead, like “Because I hate you” or “You tricked me you bastards”.┬áSo what really annoys me, is when I receive an email from a company I am genuinely interested in (citizenM hotel chain), and on my iPhone, I get something like this:


Who’s fault is it?

“We emailed you but it seems YOUR DEVICE IS SO SHIT you are NOT WORTHY of reading our AMAZING CONTENT”. We’ll that’s how I read it anyway. Is it any surprise that my inbox is now like a session on Tinder? Yes, I swiped left, and that email was gone. I’m not even going to give it the time of day, if in the inbox preview of an email is flicking me the birds from the get go.

We wonder why email engagement is so poor, well there you have it – reason number one. If you’re going to send out stuff via email, at the very least ensure people are able to read it in a format that is supported and doesn’t look like something out of the matrix when you open it. Not everyone is Neo.