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Keynote Performers

  1. Using experimentation to drive product: Stephen Pavlovich
  2. AI and personalisation demystified: Guy Yalif
  3. A look at the future of data governance: Aurelie Pols
  4. Data science demystified: Emily Robinson
  5. One neat trick to run better experiments: Lukas Vermeer
  6. Authentic Intelligence: Elke Geraerts
  7. Friction – The untapped force that can be your most powerful advantage: Roger Dooley
  8. The subtle CRO art of not giving a f*ck: Lucia van den Brink
  9. Expedition gold: Elis Ligtlee

Keynote Pitch Presentations

  1. Growth mindset 2.0: Daphne Tideman
  2. How to double your mailing list with LinkedIn experiments: Rosanne van Staalduinen
  3. Top 3 common blind spots in most CRO programmes: Kevin Heiner
  4. Site search: Mieke Knuiman
  5. Lessons from setting up CRO role: Robert Rubeko
  6. Driving the personalisation supercar in 2020: Desiree van der Horst
  7. Less is not always more: Reinout Wolfert