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Keynote Performers

  1. Making experimentation ridiculously easy for 2000 employees: Denise Visser
  2. Change management for experimenation culture: Ruben De Boer
  3. 3 principles that your growth team need: Daphne Tideman
  4. How to turn hippos into birds by being a cat person: Simone Neeling
  5. Moving fast, breaking things and fixing them as quickly as possible: Lukas Vermeer
  6. How to get the most out of your analytics implementation: Krista Seiden
  7. How attention works: Stefan van der Stigchel
  8. People skills for analytical thinkers: Gilbert Eijkelenboom
  9. Creating funnels people actually want to convert to: Talia Wolf
  10. Expanding experimentation in your organisation: Kevin Anderson

Keynote Pitch Presentations

  1. Will future customers only pay for extra experiences and conveniences: Ruben Evens
  2. Decision first research: John Ostrowski
  3. Automated performance monitoring analysis: Antoine Tissier
  4. Optimisation through segmentation: Daan van Vliet
  5. Building a data and validation driven culture: Mariska Buijs
  6. Better experiments with UX research: Marlies Wilms Floet